4 Ways C60 Oil Can Help You Make Those Fitness Gain Goals A Reality

Thanks to its fantastic health-inducing concentration of life-sustaining antioxidants, athletes of all skill levels are increasingly turning towards C60 oil as a way to step up their fitness game. Here are four life-changing results that people taking C60 supplements can enjoy when they hit the gym, go for a run, or reach that next major fitness goal.


If you don’t already know, few things get the body in better shape for focused, strength-building workouts than antioxidants. Most people get marginal amounts of antioxidants through the fruits and veggies they eat, but these rarely cover the amount that the body needs to work at its optimum stamina level. Natural C60 oil, on the other hand, is 173 times more potent than the next strongest source of antioxidants, Vitamin C. By dramatically upping your anti-oxidant intake, your body naturally has more energy to do that extra set of reps that makes or breaks a results-driven workout regiment.

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This is what a real detox looks like. The antioxidants in C60 oil help the body naturally fight free radicals – the cause of cell oxidation on a molecular level. When your body is under physical stress, or even stress from other things such as pollution, infection or the assault of substances like alcohol and tobacco, cells oxidize – which both ages you and slows you down. By getting an added natural blast of energy from C60 oil, your body’s cells can more efficiently fight off the oxidation process and still have the extra juice to devote to other critical body functions, like holding down a healthier metabolic rate.  

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Nothing is worse than feeling sore, tired, or even just strained when you have a window of time to get a solid workout in. C60 oil, however, can help. Not only can its properties as an antioxidant help the body reconstruct itself quickly after a intense day of sports, it also strengthens bones and adds contributes to the repair of cell and muscle tissue – reducing the risk of illnesses like osteoarthritis. Thanks to reduced oxidative stress, you don’t only improve your recovery time; you also lessen the damage you take while you work out. That’s huge.

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Most of us don’t get the most out of our workouts, simply because we take infrequent breaks for different lengths of time. Part of this is mental, but the physical side comes in part from when your body produces super-oxide, a toxic byproduct of cellular metabolism. This is going on when you sleep, when you exercise, or when you do just about anything. When you take supplements that help lower your levels of superoxide such as C60, you’re going to be able to go harder. The result? A more focused head and a body that’s less inclined to feel like it needs another break.

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These are just a few of the many potential benefits that C60 oil enables for athletic performance and beyond.  To get the full story, be sure to check out Elixine.com