C60 Oil: A Natural Path to a Healthier Body and Mind

Leading a balanced life is no easy task in today’s many stressful and often toxic environments. While there are many shortcuts that people suggest, more often than not, the best solutions come from none other than Mother Nature herself.  As the world learns more and more about the natural benefits of C60 oil, we thought it wise to look at just what kinds of amazing results there are.

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Sickness is almost always a response to outside stress. In order for us to fight off sickness and keep feeling as fantastic as possible, our body needs good sources of energy that allow it to flush out toxins and build up a healthy immunity. C60 oil is a new and holistic way to do exactly that, except, C60 isn’t new at all.  A naturally occurring molecule found in hardwood, C60 is a highly concentrated antioxidant that makes the amount of antioxidants in vitamin C rich fruits and veggies seem tiny. The result is a body succumbs less to sickness and feels even better in times of health.

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This world spends too much money on makeups, lotions and other cosmetic trinkets that give us the artificial feeling of being younger and healthier than we actually are. But what if we really were in as good a space as those things are designed to make us appear to be? Here’s how it works: Your body deals with oxidative stress when it is detoxing in overdrive because of things like pollution, pesticides, alcohol and tobacco. To fend off oxidative stress, you need more anti-oxidants. C60 (named after its 60 carbon molecules) is the purest and strongest antioxidant out there – purer even than the healthiest fruits and vegetables. The result of taking in more anti oxidants is a youthful glow that’s actually real.


As healthy as anti-oxidants are, you’d get a bellyache from all the blueberries you’d need to eat in order to get the same benefit of just a little bit of C60 oil. That’s not all. If you’re a person whose already making healthy life choices, you’d be shocked at how much the results of your labor depend on your body’s capacity to make use of all that healthy eating and physical activity. The other upside to C60 oil is that it’s an enhancer of, not a replacement for, healthy eating and healthy activity. Any mindfulness activity is enhanced with C60’s proven ability to improve cognition and any healthy food is more efficiently absorbed by the body thanks to C60’s proven ability to enhance the metabolic process of cells.

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As mind boggling as the wonders of C60 are, we’ve also only just scratched the surface. Make sure to check out Elixine.com.