Your 21 st Century Body

In the modern world, your body is constantly fighting to protect itself from a growing number of aggressors that come in the forms of pesticides, preservatives, pollution and stress-induced cortisol. When neutralizing these aggressors, your body is hit by molecules known as free radicals, which are highly unstable and contribute to what is known as oxidative stress – a key component in what we normally just call the ageing process. Simply put, the greater the oxidative stress on the body, the more likely a person is to feel the effects of ageing, or face illnesses like asthma, diabetes, atherosclerosis, cancer, eye disease, inflammatory joint disease and even dementia. The 21 st century body needs all the help it can get in order to reduce oxidative stress so it can both prevent disease and live a longer, healthier life.


The power of Antioxidants

Luckily, our bodies naturally counter oxidative stress with the help of various vitamins and minerals (especially vitamin C) that are normally just referred to as antioxidants. Unluckily, even the healthiest of us fail to consume enough antioxidants compared to the amount of free radicals our modern-day bodies have to combat on a daily basis. This is because even vitamin-rich foods, such as tomatoes, carrots, or cranberries don’t produce as many anti-oxidants as our bodies have the potential to make use of. So what’s the best method for getting more anti-oxidants into your body? Nature, it appears, offers the best solution.


Getting More Antioxidants with C60

C60, a molecule named after its 60 carbon atoms, is currently the most efficient antioxidant out there. More than 173 times more effective than even Vitamin C, C60 naturally occurs in certain types of wood, and is perfectly safe for human consumption. Lab testing in some cases showed a tripling in the average lifespan of small mammals that received regular doses of 360, and our customers regularly report having better cognition, more energy and better athletic performance. Ever the fans of nature, we at Elixine use pure, 100% organic olive, avocado and coconut oil (also rich in antioxidants) to cleanly deliver C60 into the body. The result is a life-altering product that is changing the way we think about health, wellness and longevity.


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